Homosexuality, Bisexuality: Myths and Realities

Homosexuality, Bisexuality: Myths and Realities

May 19, 2010 by Helem & Heinrich Boell Stiftung - Middle East
Helem & Heinrich Boell Stiftung - Middle East
Place of Publication: Beirut, Lebanon
Date of Publication: 2010
Number of Pages: 23
License: All rights reserved.
Language of Publication: French

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Table of contents:

Homosexuality is a subject that induced the persecution of a lot of individuals and the shed of their blood.

The situation in Lebanon is not as dangerous as in other countries in the Arab world for those individuals whose sexual orientation does not comply with that of the majority, but it is not less serious. Threats of death, humiliations, blackmails, attacks, marginalization, discriminations, rejections, depressions, suicide attempts, shame, guilt, emotional life ruined, isolation, are in great majority the load of the openly or clandestinely homosexual persons living in homophobic  societies.

This booklet sheds light on three main issues. The first part describes the nature of research on which the writing of this book was based, and introduces two social phenomena which shaped the contemporary perception of human sexuality: heterosexism and homophobia. The second part is an attempt to give an account of numerous wrong beliefs concerning homosexuality. Finally, the third part explores in depth the most persistent myths around homosexuality.

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