Climate Change and the Right to Food

Climate Change and the Right to Food

December 06, 2010
Date of Publication: December 2010
Language of Publication: English

Table of contents:

Climate change and the policies instituted to combat it are affecting the realization of the right to food in myriad, often unnoticed ways. This study highlights how the climate change regime and the human rights regime addressing the right to food have failed to coordinate their agendas and to collaborate to each other’s mutual benefit.

The current climate change regime fails to accurately address the human harms resulting from climate change itself, and is not operating with the necessary safeguards and preventive measures to ensure that mitigation and adaptation measures are fully complementary to the right to food obligations of states and non-state actors.

The study proposes concrete methods by which institutions can address climate change problems and realize the right to food symbiotically, in compliance with the principles of systemic integration under international law.


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