Writing Revolution

Writing Revolution

Matthew Cassel (Editor), Layla Al-Zubaidi (Editor)
Place of Publication: London, UK
Date of Publication: 2013
Language of Publication: English
License: All rights reserved.

A book by hbs MENA, Beirut office and published by (I.B.Tauris) is a collection of some of the best new writing born out of the Arab Spring. Bringing together authors, journalists, activists, students, writers and bloggers, it tells the deeply moving and personal stories of these individuals who witnessed and wrote about the revolutions in their countries across the Arab region. From Cairo to Damascus and from Tunisia to Bahrain.

Translated mostly from the Arabic, it has been awarded a 2013 Prize from English PEN for Outstanding Writing in Translation and was launched on May 29 at the Mosaic Room in London through a panel discussion hosting panelists Matthew Cassel (Editor), Layla Al-Zubaidi (Editor), Ali Aldairy (Contributor, Bahrain), Mohamed Mesrati (Contributor, Libya) and Ali Abdulemam (Bloger from Bahrain).

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