The Circus: My Little Window in a Dark Locked Room


Hazar Azze, a performer and part-time trainer at the Palestinian Circus School, is writing about the Circus School of Bir Zeit (Ramallah) and how the performances are providing a social benefit.

By Hazar Azzeh

Moving Moroccan Culture Policy from the Hands of the Elite to Everyone Else’s


Moroccan cultural production struggles with on the one hand being perceived as a ‘bourgeois’ luxury while on the other being subject to arbitrary funding by the Moroccan government. Salma Belkebir, a Rabat-based architect and lover of art & culture has a closer look at the funding policies and arts production.

By Salma Belkebir

Isn’t Life just a MMORPG*?


The Gaming scene in Lebanon has developed considerably over the past decades. Tanite Chahwan, a MA graduate in English Literature from the American University of Beirut (AUB), has visited some of these places for us.

By Tanite Chahwan

Wigs against the Patriarchy


The queer and drag scene in Lebanon is on the rise. Inga Hofmann shows how this – playful in appearance – at the same time is a deeply political act, claiming the rights of the communities to be recognized.

By Inga Hofmann

Perspectives Issue #15 - Unboxing the Game: the Obvious & the Obscure


Politics are brimming with metaphoric references to games – be it the famous “Great Game” as the diplomatic confrontation of great powers in Asia at the beginning of the 20th century was referred to, the understanding of strategic moves in a region as a “chess board,” war “theatres” or references to the “players,” the strong of them framed as “actors,” the weak as “pawns”, or the crazy ones behaving like “wild cards.”