Urban Futures 2030 - Environmental Justice

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Urban Futures 2030

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Visions of Future Urban Developments and Lifestyles

Half of the human population lives in cities. Cities are the craddle of our Culture, the motor of the economy and the laboratory for new lifestyles. They are also responsible for the biggest share of greenhouse gas emmisions. Metropolitan areas drive climate change and will feel its consequences despite and because of the available technical possibilities. Besides traffic and industrial production, construction related energy consumption is one of the biggest source of CO2 emissions. To fully tackle climate change, one must hence inevitably address the issue of human building activites.

In this publication, selected experts discuss the trend of "Greening the city", in particular  sustainable urban planing and future-proof architecture.

This german publication contains 4 articles in the English language. Two of them are relevant for the Middle East:

  1. The Masdar Development – Showcase with Global Effect by Matthias Schuler (page 44 - 47)
  2. Master Planning of Xeritown, Dubai by Sabine Müller and Andreas Quednau (page 52 - 56)


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