The Committee Directors

Elza Seferian, Director of the Committee for Human Rights
Elza Seferian is a fresh graduate from Haigazian University. She is part of the Women's Basketball Team and spends most of her time reading books, hiking and exploring nature. She is highly interested in politics in general and Middle Eastern/Lebanese politics in particular; one of the reasons why she volunteered as a Committee Director at hbs. From the beginning, she believed that this project would create outstanding critical-thinking citizens who would probably truly become real parliamentarians one day and promote a bright future for their country.

Sarah Shmaitilly, Director of the Committee for Environment
Sarah holds a BA in Psychology and recently works as Program Coordinator at the Nawaya Network in Beirut.

Kareem Chehayeb, Director of the Committee for Media and Communication
Kareem is a blogger and BA graduate in International Relations. He contributes articles to Entrepreneur Middle East.

Lara Chikhany, Director of the Committee for Women and Children
Lara is an online blogger, completing her Masters degree in marketing and advertising. She works as a researcher, and does volunteering during her free time. Lara believes in the wonders of having a positive outlook on life, and what it has to offer.

Muhammed Shikhany, the Speaker of the House
Muhammed is a Syrian Civil Engineer who graduated from Damascus university. He is a civil society activist who worked for raising awareness for democracy, civil and non-violence principles. Muhammed is a founding member of Madani organization.