In order to introduce youth to the parliamentary process and the dynamics of political negotiation, four parliamentary Committees have been simulated, discussing the following subjects:

  1. The Committee for Human Rights 
    "Enhancing Human Rights Awareness among the ISF in Lebanon"

    The Committee was directed by Elza Seferian.

    Committee Members were: Zeina Mokahal, Eliane Isaac, Lama El-Kheir, Sabah Abd Ellatif, Dima El Hariri, Amal Ezzedine, Mustapha Ahkdar, Lara Zawdeh, Hussein Marwani

  2. The Committee For Environment
    "Enhancing Waste Management Systems in Lebanon"

    The Committee was directed by Sarah Shmaitilly.

    Committee Members were: Malek Ghalayini, Fatima M. Al-Shami, Youssef M. Fawaz, Zeinab Jamarki, Bilal Zarouf, Jana Sabakji, Leila Ghaddar, Ashraf Sibai, Cedric Feghali

  3. The Committee For Women and Children
    "Women’s Right to pass on Nationality"

    The Committee was directed by Lara Chikhany.

    Committee Members were: Rawad Hassan, Aya M. Arnaout , Razane Fakih, Sawsan Basrawi, Leen Abdul Jawad, Hiba Al-Sabbagh

  4. The Committee For Media and Communication
    "Freedom of the Press and the Problem of Journalistic Self-Censorship"

    The Committee was directed by Kareem Chehayeb.

    Committee Members were: Sanaa Sidani, Mohammed Rakka, Natalie Alayli, Wassim Ezzedine, Hoda Damoury, Elina Kareh, Joseph Merhi