The participants were 15 to 18 years old high school students from eight schools all over Lebanon. Each student had to fill out an application form outlining their personal motivation and background. Based on these information, our team tried to ensure the diversity of the group. This was guaranteed by associating students from different social backgrounds and regions, and respecting gender equality.

The participating schools were:

Hassan Saab Public High School (Beirut)
Palace of Modern Culture High School (Beirut)
Al Ahliah School (Beirut)
College Notre Dame de Jamhour (Mount Lebanon)
Imam Sadr Foundation-Afak Institute (Tyr - South Lebanon)
Mustafa Shumran High School (Tyr - South Lebanon)
Rafic  Hariri High School (Saida - South Lebanon)
Azm School (Tripoli - North Lebanon)