Join us TODAY, May 21, 20h at Arts on Spears for the screening of SHELTERS!

As an irony of history, the Lebanese government right after the war in 1967 decided to abandon bomb shelters. Yet there have been many occasions in which people have sought refuge from armed conflict in them. In her first documentary, Tamara Qiblawi together with Knooz Room explores the sealed memories of a teacher, a literature professor and writer and a DJ. While she takes them down to revisit the shelters and re-live the atmosphere, the protagonists take the audience on a travel through history – “In the school, we had a theatre and we used to hide behind the scenes,” one of the protagonists says. “I found this a great symbol.” - “There have been shelters for all different stages in my life – the shelter of romance, the shelter of marriage, the shelter of my child-birth,” interjects another. The third adds, winking: “We read through books – don’t ask me what kind of books … These novels in which you know on the first page what whill happen, who will get together with whom and on which page. I maybe read through 10 000 of them, maybe more”, says another remembering how she hours and hours under daily shelling and gunfire passed three floors underground.

The screening is accompanied by a reception.