Invisible Borders - Beirut, Berlin -Documentation

Video Documentation


Watch the documentary by photographer and documentary filmmaker Alfonso Moral and visual artist Andrea Monrás Zöller in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Stiftung-Middle East Office. Moral and Zöller both revisit the formerly divided cities of Beirut and Berlin exploring how these cities are spaces still reconciling and attempting to move beyond invisible borders today.

They present an intriguing documentary that invites us all to think about the complex marks, memories, and histories that persist and are engraved into the present as a result of conflict and boundaries in these two cities.

Watch a short video of a number of attendees giving their opinion about the exhibition entitled Invisible Borders – Beirut, Berlin that took place at Mansion on the 7th of July, 2017.

Interviews during the Exhibition Invisible Borders – Beirut, Berlin - Heinrich Böll Foundation Beirut - Middle East

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