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The Realities, Needs and Challenges Facing the Feminist and Queer Movements in Lebanon in Light of a Multi-Layered Crisis

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This report provides a situation analysis of women in Lebanon. Overall, it examines gender, feminism, sexuality, queer, and human rights conditions and challenges. The reading takes place in the context of Lebanon’s severe economic collapse, especially after the Beirut Port Blast and the lockdowns imposed during the pandemic over the past two years. It is in an attempt to map and read different opinions and evidence on how women, feminist, and queer movements are affected by the intersections of the pandemic, the blast, and the economic deterioration in the country. It also reveals how women in Lebanon are impacted by regional and global events. Nowadays, the feminist scene that has experienced many discriminatory aspects legally, economically, and socially over past decades is facing increasing challenges that require comprehensive and the challenges met by the LGBTQI community. Finally, the mapping seeks to show the development and response of women’s organizations and movements over recent years, before inquiring about women’s position in public policies and on political agendas in a country heading into a future with significant difficulty.

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