The Invisible Water

by Momen Nabil (Lebanon and Germany, 2021)

Genre: Short Animation / Original Version: Silent Film / Duration: 4.5 min / Script: Filipa Rosa, Marta Castillo, Patricia Carbonell / Art Director: non-studio / Foley Recordist: Amina Gabr / Music Producer: Roony / Producer: AMWAJ / Co-producers: REVOLVE 

The Invisible Water - Trailer - Heinrich Böll Foundation Beirut - Middle East

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This short film aims to make us reflect upon how we use and consume water, without being aware of it: this is about so-called ‘virtual water’ – the ‘invisible water’ that goes into making products around the world, from food to household goods, clothing or buildings. This short film sensitises us to the water we most often do not see.

“This short film has been a wonderful opportunity to develop our creative skills and explore the ways we can express ourselves through audiovisual content. We were keen to present the value of water conservation, its care and its aesthetic and spiritual dimensions through animation and music. Music is the universal language of humankind and we wanted to capture this in the film.’’ Patricia Carbonell

About the Director
Momen Nabil, Co-founder of non-studio, His experience expands as a creative art director. He aspires to find new ways to use architecture for creative visual storytelling. He holds a master degree in Ephemeral architecture and temporary spaces, 2021.



19th of August
at 7:20 pm
Bayt Lamma
25th of August
at 9:30 pm
1st of September
at 9:30 pm

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