Fidaa F. Haddad

 As a Jordanian agricultural Engineer, Fidaa has been working for more than 19 years at the interface of natural resource management, economic and technical evaluation of projects, environmental and social impact assessment, and program and project management systems. She has extensive experience of working in international NGOs interacting with the civil society sectors.

For the past five years, she has managed the Dryland and livelihoods program for West and North Africa in IUCN.

Before joining IUCN she worked as a Field Coordinator For a regional project - ‘Euro-Mediterranean Regional Programme for Local Water Management’ called EMPWOERS, where she was responsible for facilitating the stakeholder processes at the district and governorates level.

Fidaa is a gender specialist with extensive experience in using a number of different methodologies for the implementation of gender related programmes. She participated in the IUCN delegation to the UNFCCC and UNCCD Convention of Parties. She is the only Arabic women in the World Advocacy team on CC, gender, and adaptation.

Fidaa holds a BSC in Agricultural Engineering from the Jordanian University for Science and Technology.