Khalid Mouna

Khalid Mouna is an anthropologist, professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Moulay Ismail, Meknes. He is a Fellow Researcher at the Centre Jacques Berque-CNRS, Rabat, Morocco. His research publications focus on cannabis, social changes, migrations, and post-Arab Spring social mobilization. In 2010, he published The Bled of the kif. Economy and power in Ketama Rif (Paris, Ibis Press). He has led two research fellowships: an MIM – AMERM programme funded by the Swiss foundation PEM, ‘Space imagined, lived space and negotiated space. A comparison of Spanish and sub-Saharan migration in Tangier’, and a European programme funded by Marie Curie, ‘Dance, costume, music’. He is also a member of the European Marie Curie project on the Arab Spring.