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Crises Trigger Creativity Exhibition now online

With the development of the Arab Spring across the neighboring Arab nations, such as in Syria and Egypt, and with the inescapable consequences and repercussions on the Lebanese political scene, a new wave of protests against the Lebanese politicians has arisen, particularly following the government’s failure to resolve the mounting garbage crisis.

One of the most interesting aspects of these demonstrations is the involvement of numerous Lebanese artists who are using the protests as a space to address their political views. For this purpose, they use  different kinds of artistic expressions, such as music, paintings, graffiti etc. in order to convey messages to a larger public and to attract a bigger number of protestors and activists. 

Quotas matter for full equal political and economic participation

The issue of quotas has been subject to a long debate in the last years. contributing to this rich and important debate, Barbara Unmüßig explains how quotas are proven to be a successful tool for full equal political and economic participation.

By Barbara Unmüßig