Syrian Revolution


Transitional Justice in Syria


This publication addresses one issue that is inextricably linked to establishing sustainable peace: transitional justice. A stable and sustainable peace in Syria, governed by the rule of law, requires a comprehensive justice and accountability process to defeat the culture of impunity that has allowed violations to go unchallenged for decades. This publication is the result of a cooperation between Dawlaty and No Peace Without Justice. It has been produced in part with the financial assistance of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA) and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung (hbs) MENA- Beirut. The book is also available in Arabic at



Interview with Ziad Majed on the Syrian Revolution

In this interview carried out by the Syrian journalist and activist Ahmad Silal, Dr. Ziad Majed lays out the challenges that face the Syrian revolution and delay its ultimate victory.The interview was published in Arabic in The Republic on April 23, 2013 under the title: Interview with Ziad Majed on the Syrian Revolution - Two years on: International and Arab positions on the revolution, and the challenges that face it.


A Star for TIME Magazine

“Cast your vote for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that you think are the most influential people in the world”, TIME Magazine urges readers of its online edition. Amongst the 153 nominees: Bashar al-Assad.

The International Community and the Syrian Revolution

The Syrian revolution is more than fifteen months old, with the average number of Syrian civilians and combatants (from both anti- and pro-regime forces) killed rising higher every day, yet many still find themselves unable to agree on how to respond to the crisis. The international community remains powerless to halt the slaughter, the complexity of the situation in Syria contributing to its reluctance to fulfill its obligations and help protect the Syrian people. Haid's article is also available in German

By Haid Haid

What Kind of Support Do Syrians Want?

Beneath layers of complexity and political wrangling, we should not forget that the Syrian revolutionaries are fighting for their basic rights to dignity, equality and a respectable standard of living. More than a political decision, supporting them is first and foremost a humanitarian and moral duty.

By Mohammed Al Attar