Interview with Ziad Majed on the Syrian Revolution

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Syrians protesting against Assad in Canada - Picture from FreedomHouse2/Flickr - Published under license: CC BY 2.0


Two years on, Syria’s revolution remains trapped in geostrategic considerations and military deadlock

July 2, 2013

In this interview carried out by the Syrian journalist and activist Ahmad Silal, Dr. Ziad Majed lays out the challenges that face the Syrian revolution and delay its ultimate victory. He argues that the ongoing international hesitancy towards the situation in Syria in addition to geostrategic considerations by international and regional powers have resulted in increased violence on the ground. 

Dr Majed reveals how lack of urgency to take firm measures against a brutal regime in Syria not only complicates the Syrian society’s dealing with emerging extremism but also increases the potential for even larger exodus into neighbouring countries including the geographically small, unprepared in terms of resources and unstable Lebanon to be in a position to deal with it. According to UNHCR who registers 6000 refugees every week, the number of Syrians fleeing into Lebanon is expected to reach one quarter of the Lebanese population by December 2013.

In this interview, Ziad Majed also tells us about the transformations that the Syrian revolution has introduced into cyberspace and why he thinks that “Syria’s internet and Facebook are made of flesh and blood.”

Read the full interview here (PDF - 594 KB)


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About the Author

Dr. Ziad Majed is a Lebanese professor and political writer. He teaches Middle East and International Relations at the American University of Paris.