Syrian Revolution


Film screenings and panel discussion on film and media productions in Syria since the beginning of the revolution.

Tuesday, November 29 at 7 PM - 11 PM
Metropolis-Empire Sofil


Many a time, they will reminisce about a pre-revolutionary Syria, albeit a romanticised version, from which they – due to a lack of knowledge, ignorance or quite consciously – omit that the country already was a rogue state at that time, characterised by arbitrary arrests, torture, oppression and discrimination.

Mustafa hasn't been to school for four years now, Lebanon.

Lebanon has accepted more people in need per capita than all other states neighbouring Syria but never having acceded to the UN convention does not recognise them as refugees.

Refugee camp in Aleppo, December 2013

Many internally displaced people within Syria are being prevented from fleeing conflict zones due to fears over sleeper cells

The Syrian Revolution 2011

Syria's five year war has cost up to 470,000 lives. Many survivors are plagued with guilt that their revolution has led to so much pain, says Haid Haid.

Mourners at the funeral of Asem Bader Waw, a 31-year-old shot dead by a Syrian army sniper in Al Qsair. Jan. 31, 2012

It has been common to frequently come across assassination incidents in local Syrian news, which turned them into expected news. The daily killing and atrocities committed in Syria contributed to normalizing this phenomenon not only internationally but locally as well. However, the scale of these incidents and their significant impact on the local dynamics of the conflict make the assassination war in Syria stand out as an important issue that can’t be ignored.


Since February 26, a truce has largely prevailed in Syria. However, hardly any improvements to the humanitarian situation in the country can be observed to date. People continue to suffer starvation. That is part of the war strategy.

These are Homs children. It is for those Syrians have vowed to continue the revolution & never stop until Assad is brought to justice.

Of the 52 besieged areas mostly in rural Damascus, 49 of them are encircled by the Syrian regime, two by rebel forces and one by ISIS. Under siege, conditions are very uncertain—since starvation is being used as a weapon of war–therefore the situation in some of these areas could quickly turn into a critical situation if aid is completely cut off for a short amount of time.

Syrians Burning Vladimir Putin Picture and Russian Flag During Protest in Sweden

The killing of Zahran Aloush, leader of one of the strongest rebel group in Syria — Jaysh al-Islam — on 26 December, by a Russian airstrike shows again that Russia is willing to do whatever it takes to tip the balance of the conflict in favor of the Assad regime.

Photos of Assad and Russia's Putin are seen during a pro-Assad protest in front of the Russian embassy in Damascus, Syria

Moscow is now preoccupied with bringing the strategy initiated by Bashar al-Assad to perfection: After the attempt to convince western states that the only alternatives to Assad are chaos and the “Islamic State” fell through, the powers in the centre are to be weakened and to be virtually driven into the arms of the “IS”.