Dear Lebanon - A Teenage Perspective of Bombings, Religion and Politics

About the Film

Weekly bomb attacks, an instable political system, a society ruptured and divided along confessional lines, and an ever-increasing level of social tension: Whilst politicians engage in an exuberant battle of words on television and political party flags are flown in the streets, youths demand answers that go beyond symbolism and rhetoric. A new generation grows up wishing for nothing more than to live in peace – a generation that more often than not has one thing on its mind: to leave its home country.

What does this constant insecurity mean for them? What are their thoughts on religion and politics? To what extent do they feel personally affected by the bombings?

Together with a team of eight youths between the ages of 15 and 18, film producer Raphael Schanz set off on a journey in search of answers. During the course of seven weeks he accompanied them through the streets of Beirut and discussed the points in which they felt their wishes clashed with the crude reality.

This 30 minute documentary features youths’ ambivalent love for their home country. Which role do teenagers see for themselves in Lebanon? How can they succeed in making their voices heard? This search for answers and allies in the adult world included youths interviewing one of the few respected politicians, former Lebanese minister of the interior Ziyad Baroud, and popular comedian Nemr Abou Nassar.

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