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From food production to consumption, it is a long way. How does it affect us what we eat and how do our ways of production correspond to the environment? Food can be memory or desire, what we eat a display of abundance or a symbol of hardship. In Perspectives #13: “What’s stirring? The regions politics dished out” Heinrich Boell Foundation’s MENA offices explored different aspects of food, and on October 12, 2017 we presented the issue here in Beirut with a vivid panel discussion. Dr. Rami Zuray, Professor at AUB and member of the high level panel of experts of the world committee on food security, drew our attention to how changes in plantation from nutritious to non-nutritious crops limits food availability. Anna Fleischer, advocacy and communications manager of Women Now for Development detailed the impact of food being used as a weapon of war. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are subject to starvation, nearly all of them by the Syrian regime, which particularly affects women and children. Kamal Mouzawak, the founder of Souk el Tayeb, gave an introduction in the social relevance of food. Traditions and cultures are something that lives of memory but also of change. After the event, people could samle some of the delicacies of Souk el Tayeb as well as of the ecological women’s catering project of Namlieh. Watch our video to learn more about the event, and if that raises your appetite for more, please find here Perspectives #13