Panel: Refugees and the responsibility of the West

The panel "Refugees and the responsibility of the West" was part of the conference "Syria at a dead end?" organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation on May 28th in Berlin.


About the conference "Syria at a dead end?"

The uprising in Syria is now entering its fifth year and there is still no end to the conflict in sight. The war is continuing to escalate, at the same time, more and more regional and international actors are getting involved. Syria itself is now divided into a number of different domains which are controlled by the Assad regime, ISIS, the PKK-affiliated Kurdish party of the Democratic Union PFD as well as various rebel groups. The situation of refugees is becoming increasingly critical: more than eleven million Syrians have fled their homes, most within the country itself. Meanwhile, Europe and the USA are at a complete loss about how to find a political solution that goes beyond taking military action against ISIS. At the same time, international humanitarian aid for the people affected in the region is stagnating. Against this background hbs Berlin together with Adopt a Revolution held a conference to explore the following issues, among others: What are possible solutions to this dilemma? What approaches does the international community as well as Germany and the EU need to develop for a political solution? How can Syria come together again as a nation? What role can Assad play in a future Syria? What influence do the neighbouring countries have in the conflict and how can they play a role in a solution? What prospects are there for refugees in the host countries? And how can Europe contribute by accepting more refugees and liberalising its refugee policy?

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