Wedding in a tent

On the way to the Anjar camp we heard loud music coming from somewhere around. When we got closer we started seeing a crowd of people gathering. It appeared that some kind of festivities had started: decorations, music and colourful dresses were everywhere. We entered a small tent encampment to ask what was happening. We were told: “Today we are celebrating a wedding in the camp. The newlyweds are on their way here and we are waiting for them. We have prepared the food, decorated everything we could, and brought in speakers to play the right music for the event. The groom lives in Anjar camp whereas the bride resides in Zahlé. They are actually cousins. Their love story started here.”

We had been there for a few minutes when we heard someone shouting: “They are here! They are here!” A decorated car drove into the field and the crowd started cheering around it. The women’s cheers of joy blended in with the scents of the surrounding trees to create a melody of love and continuation of life. It was a new beginning for 2 people who might have lost one home in Syria but have found another one in each other’s arms…