National, political and religious identities remain subjects of contention around the region.  People in the Middle East are called upon to rally around narrowly defined values that are deployed in struggles over markets, power and cultural hegemony, and often have little opportunity to choose and decide how to define themselves, where to look for sources of inspiration and pride. The program Culture and Dialogue wants to widen understanding about the cultural dimensions of conflict and their relation to globalization and inequality of power, and supports cultural expressions and perspectives of socio-political issues and cross-cultural exchange.

Interview with Lebanese artist Raphaelle Macaron

She did an amazing visual adaptation of Heinrich Boell’s short story “The Death of Elsa Baskoleit” – the Lebanese Artist Raphaelle Macaron. Coming from Paris, she sat with us and talked about illustrating a text that evokes already strong images. You find her contribution in our graphic novel “The Space that Remains”, published last year on the 100 anniversary of Heinrich Boell.

Interview with Egyptian illustrator Magdy el-Shafee

On the occasion of Heinrich Boell’s 100th anniversary, we asked Magdy Al-Shafee, Egyptian illustrator, to turn Heinrich Boell’s short story The Laugher into a comic for our graphic novel “The Space that Remains”. On his recent visit to Beirut, we saw him in our office. Watch his intriguing story on how he struggled with finding a matching character!


100 Years of Heinrich Böll Celebration

This video featured a scenic reading by Yara Bou Nassar (Something Will Be Done) / "Meddling is the only way to remain realistic" - a panel discussion on the relationship between arts and politics with Hanane Hajj Ali, Yazan Halwani , Luna Ali and Mari Meen Halsoy / and an exhibition of illustrations by Raphaelle Macaron, Migo Rollz and Magdy el-Shafee.


Aphorisms of Heinrich Böll


This selection of quotation and thoughts translated from German to English and Arabic from his works aims to illustrate the impact and the legacy of Heinrich Böll. However, most of all they are intended to inspire thinking which, at best leads to action in line with tradition of aphorisms in the Age of Enlightenment. Our foundation is dedicated to the thoughts and actions of its namesake Heinrich Böll. His exemplary dedication spurs us on to fight for the dignity of each and every person, for their fundamental rights and to stand up for a living democracy.

Against all odds?

Comics, Hip-Hop, paintings, poems or festivals. What effect can art have on a society? How do artists interact with lebanese society and what problems do they face? Artists give insights to structures, aims and problems of the Beirut art scene.

Cultural Practices of Arab Youth - Volume XIV 2009-2010

The latest volume of collected articles and essays published by Bahithat (The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers) analyzes and contextualizes contemporary cultural practices and forms of entertainment applied by young people (aged 15 – 24 years) in several Arab countries and in the Diaspora.

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The Middle East Office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation supports the production of short and long feature films and documentaries that explore topics of immediate interest for the Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi societies. Our key topics are ecology and sustainability, statehood and participation, conflicts and international politics, culture and dialogue.

All films supported by the foundation are available with English subtitles. They can be obtained for public and private screenings as hard copies (DVD/Blu-ray/DCP), as digital files or through streaming access.

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