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Job Announcement | Program Manager Environmental Justice

Heinrich Böll Foundation, the German Green Foundation is currently offering a position in its Middle East Office ( in Beirut:

Position: Program Manager at Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Middle East office in Beirut
Working Time: full time, 40 hours per week 

Starting Date: 01/06/2021 

more about the job description and how to apply
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10 years since the start of the Syrian revolution and the demands of the revolutionists are yet to be met. In light of this day, HBS has the pleasure of inviting you onto its virtual platform, Still Our Right. The platform will be online from Monday 15th of March 12 PM until Thursday 1st of April 12 AM, highlighting the projects HBS has supported throughout the years to shed light on the goals they hold and the rights they demand.

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Hani Al Sawah's (aka Al Darwish) second album “MALAHI” (Arabic for “Temptations”) now available on Youtube.

The music album, a project in collaboration with the Heinrich Boell Beirut Office, tells the story of how the years of conflict in Syria has influenced individuals’ way of thinking regarding revolutions, war and politics, and their implication on the day-to-day lives and relations including ideas of identity and belonging.  

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Perspectives Issue #15 - Unboxing the Game: the Obvious & the Obscure


Politics are brimming with metaphoric references to games – be it the famous “Great Game” as the diplomatic confrontation of great powers in Asia at the beginning of the 20th century was referred to, the understanding of strategic moves in a region as a “chess board,” war “theatres” or references to the “players,” the strong of them framed as “actors,” the weak as “pawns”, or the crazy ones behaving like “wild cards.”